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Get to Know the Creators of Naxos Taverna & Oyster Bar at Red Rock

Entrance of Naxos Taverna in Las Vegas

Aiming to become some of the best restaurants in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Naxos Taverna and the Oyster Bar can be found at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa and is a must try. Wholly inspired by the taverns found in ancient Greece, this restaurant was named after Naxos in the Aegean sea.

Originally heralded by Greeks after Dionysus, the island was known for its food, wine, and spirit of celebration. Despite its ancient inspiration, Naxos Taverna and the Oyster Bar features traditional Greek fare with a modern twist.

Both concepts focus on delivering great food at affordable prices. Cooked with heart, you’ll be served Mediterranean food you’ll love. When you’re looking for one of the best Greek restaurants and best oyster bars in Las Vegas, look no further than Naxos Taverna.

Spend an evening at Naxos Taverna or the Oyster Bar, and you’ll see why it’s somewhere you’ll want to keep coming back to. Let’s take a look at the restaurant’s history, beginnings, and owners.

Naxos Taverna’s Owners

Opened by the Bua Food Group Las Vegas, Naxos Taverna and the Oyster Bar feature an extensive history of service. Backed by a long history of running some of the best restaurants in Summerlin, Las Vegas, and further afield, everything has been designed to perfection.

You’ve likely heard of, and even been to, some of the company’s restaurants in the past. If you have, you’ve definitely enjoyed the food and service.

Opened in early 2023, Naxos Taverna and the Oyster Bar fills the gap that eaters have been looking for for the past several years. It offers traditional Greek seafood cooked to a mouth-watering standard, giving eaters everything they love about the Mediterranean.

Top Chef Connections

The Bua Food Group Las Vegas is far from the only way you could’ve heard about Naxos Taverna and the Oyster Bar. In fact, it even has some Top Chef connections. Chef Bruce Kalman and John Tesar have both been involved in the restaurants, and you’ll be sure to feel their presence when you dine at this location.

They’ve even been involved in pairing dinners at Naxos Taverna, giving diners a taste of what they can experience at both of the restaurants. You’ll get an experience you know you can count on once you walk through the doors.

Naxos Taverna’s Inspirations

Naxos Taverna is inspired by traditional Greek taverns and looks to bring their experience to Las Vegas. It’s one of the best restaurants in Summerlin, Las Vegas, to actually do this, and few can compare. Named after the island in Southeast Greece, everything about the restaurant is inspired by traditional Greek techniques.

You’ll get traditional food with a modern twist, letting you get a taste of Greece itself. The contemporary Greek fare is cooked to an amazing standard, making sure you’ll love every bite. You’ll be clamoring for more before you even know it.

Then there’s the design of the restaurant, which is sure to transport you to Greece itself. You’ll step away from the hectic hustle and bustle of Las Vegas and find yourself relaxing in a traditional, elevated style taverna. You’ll enjoy traditional, Mediterranean seafood in an environment that’s sure to relax.

Our inspirations are on show from the moment you step foot in our restaurant, with this also extending to the Oyster Bar.

Our Menu

Who doesn’t love seafood cooked to an amazing standard? Seasoned to perfection and inspired by traditional Greek techniques, you’ll have a plate bursting in flavor. All of our seafood is cooked from the heart and soul, and you’ll taste the love that’s been put into it.

Our Mediterranean food menu items consist of delicious and exciting dishes for all to enjoy. Our open-style kitchen lets you see and smell your food being cooked from the moment you order it.

Our fish includes a catch-of-the-day, and you’ll be sure to only have the freshest fish on offer. It’ll be so fresh it’ll almost be jumping off your plate, and you can dive straight in.

You might not be able to wait to get your hands - and mouth - on our food. Our three-course menu is sure to have everything you’ll want to order, and it’ll all be cooked to perfection. We’re sure you won’t have any complaints from the moment you sit down through the moment you leave. Add in our amazing service, and we know you’ll have an experience you can love.

All of this doesn’t mean you’ll only have seafood to choose from, though. The menu’s shareable dishes - both large, and small - feature various salads, and even some grilled chops and steaks. All of these will be perfectly seasoned, and you’ll have a mouth-watering Mediterranean dish in no time.

Oyster Bar

While Naxos Taverna boasts all of the Mediterranean food you’ll love, that’s far from all you can try. The Oyster Bar boasts one of the largest oyster and seafood menus in Las Vegas. If you’ve got a hunger for some fish, then you have no reason not to drop in.

The bar boasts 25 types of fish, all cooked exactly how you want it. Add in the various oysters and other seafood specialties, and you have plenty of choices. Then there’s the world-famous pan roast, which is sure to get your mouth watering.

Everyone knows that a great seafood dish isn’t complete without some wine. Our extensive wine list features plenty of award-winning wines, and you’re sure to find more than a few options to your tastes.

Then there’s the intimacy you’ll feel when you’re here, as well as the amazing service you’ll get from start to finish. It’s an experience in itself, and it’s not something you’ll forget anytime soon.

When you’re looking for the best restaurants in Las Vegas, you’ll have plenty of options to try. Few can match the experience you’ll get at either Naxos Taverna or the Oyster Bar. If you’re planning a night on the town or want to celebrate, it’s worth calling in and having an experience you’ll love. We can’t wait to serve you!